All students receive a 10% discount on any purchases made on the day of their class. As we only take 4 to 5 students per class, all classes require pre-registration. Please call us at 322-2225 or stop by the store to register. To avoid over-booking classes, we do not take registration on-line or through e-mail.

 If you need to cancel your registration, we can only provide a refund if we receive at least 48 hours notice prior to class of the cancellation – no exceptions. We will only provide a refund – it is not possible to hold over class fees for a later date. While we understand that things come up, we are still required to pay the teachers and it is not fair to other students hoping to take a class. Thank you very much for your understanding.


CLASSES ARE OVER FOR 2019! Right now, the store is extremely busy helping everyone with their holiday purchases and projects. Check back at the end of the month for January’s classes. Thank you to everyone who took a class in 2019 – we hope you enjoyed it and that it brought you a new skill or love of jewelry making.



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