What are your hours? We are open Tuesday through Saturday, 11 to 5 p.m. for in store shopping, masks required. Curbside delivery and shipping is always available – just call us at 775/322-2225 or email us at cindy@renobeadshop.com. 

Do you accept checks?  We accept all forms of credit and debit cards (including American Express and Discover), as well as Apple Pay and cash. We do not accept personal checks, sorry. 

Can I order online? The Reno Bead Shop sells thousands of different products and we want to keep the focus on a retail setting.  We are currently working on a separate website to sell the most popular beads (Outwestbeads.com) – it has launched and we are currently working on loading products onto it.

Do you teach classes? Not during the Coronavirus shut down. Most likely, we will not be teaching any classes for some time as the class area is very small and social distancing cannot be maintained.

Do you do repairs? We are no longer doing repairs. We lost several staff members during the coronavirus shutdown, and Cindy suffered an injury to her hand that makes repairs impossible. We understand that everyone wishes a local place to have their jewelry repaired, and we are more than happy to provide referrals to other locales. 

Can I put my jewelry together in your store? Unfortunately, we do not have a space set aside for people making their jewelry. We have crammed every inch of the store with beads and it doesn’t leave much room for anything else! If the store is empty and you have a quick put together, you are welcome to do it at the counter.

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