Tons of Tools! Owl beads Amethyst & Pewter Sheet Metal
Knotting Cord Swarovski Flat Back Cabs Arrowheads Glass Beads Turquoise, Pearls & Silver

Stringing Materials – Silk on Needle, Leather, Satin,Waxed Linen and Cotton, Soft Flex beading wire, Acculon beading wire, Hemp, Buckskin, Suede, Memory Wire, Ribbon, Silk Yarn, Stretch Cords, Nymo Beading Thread, Sylamide Beading Thread, Fireline, Bola Cord, KO thread, S-Lon, Micro S-lon, and Needles

Crystals – Swarovski Crystals from Austria, Preciosa Crystals from Austria, Thunder Crystals from China, Fire Polished Crystals from the Czech Republic, Sew-on Flat back Crystals

Czech Seed Beads – Hundreds of seed bead colors in sizes from 6 through 15, Charlottes, Cuts and Bugle Beads, 2 Hole Beads (Superduos, Czech Tiles, Quadra Tiles, 2 hole Triangles, Tango Beads, 2 hole Daggers.

2-Hole Beads – They just keep making more! We’ve got plenty of these beads for you – Superduos, Miniduos, Brick beads, Czech Mates, Tilas, Half-Tilas, Lentils, Quadra Tiles (4 holes), Triangles (from the front and up through the bead – two kinds), Silkies, Honeycombs, Bar beads, Pyramids (both sizes), Dragonfly wings, and coming soon – Crescents and Dragon Scale.

Japanese Seed Beads – Hundreds of colors in sizes 8 through 15, Toho seed beads in sizes 6 through 15, and Miyuki Drops, Magatmas, Tilas, Triangles, Size 11 Hex, Size 10 Twist Hex, Bugles, Peanuts, and Cube Beads

Tools – Pliers, Jeweler’s Saws, Ring and Bracelet Mandrels, Soldering Materials (torches, solder, flux, pickle, annealing pans, charcoal blocks, sheet metal), Bench Blocks, Hammers, Sand Paper, Burnishers, Cutters, Bead Boards, Adhesives, and Metal Punching Tools

Charms – Extensive collection of pewter, brass and copper charms, also a selection in sterling.

Burning Man Items – While its not ok with the Burning Man crew to sell actual replica charms of Burning Man, we have a whole bunch of items to create your gifts, wear in your hair or to make your own Burning Man pendants, earrings, etc. Tons of large hole beads in glass, bone, horn, and metal for your braids, dreds, and clothing, metal blanks to saw out or stamp in your Burning Man design, large rock pendants to draw on for your gifts, etc. Your imagination is the limit!

Metal Wire – Sterling, Fine Silver, Gold-Filled, Argentium, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Iron, Bezel Wire, Craft Wire in Gold, Silver Plate, Copper, Black Oxide, Titanium and Colors – flat, round, square, 1/2 round, and twisted

Chain – Ready Made Chains and Chain Sold by Foot/Inch – Sterling, Gold-Filled, Copper, Silver Plate, Copper Plate, Brass, Steel, Gold Plate, Rose Gold, Gunmetal, Chain with Stones, Chain with Pearls

Gemstone Beads – So many shapes, sizes and different semi-precious stones it is impossible to list!

Glass Beads – Crow, pony, pressed glass flower and leaves, fire-polished, faceted, recycled glass, round druks, 2-hole Czech squares, glass pearls, lamp work glass

Beads from the Ocean – Freshwater pearls in strands and individually, coral, abalone, paua shell, mother of pearl, and every other type of shell you can think of in strung and focal beads.

Ethnic Beads – Wood, horn, seed and bone beads, mala beads, beads and pendants from Tibet, Nepal, Afghanistan, Africa, buddha beads and coins

  Crystal Points Gemstones Vintage Keys Brass Buddhas

Native American Beadwork Supplies – Jingle cones, buckskin, Preciosa crystal banding, sew-down crystals centerpieces, artificial sinew, hair pipe beads, shells (abalone, dentalium, mother of pearl, etc.), metal feathers, bells, bead looms, porcupine quills (natural and colored), and barrette accessories

Hand Made Beads – polymer clay, porcelain, cloissonne, and lampwork glass

Leather Working Supplies: Leather hole punches, rivets, snaps, scrap leather, leather strips, buckskin, glover needles

Focal Beads – Our specialty! Hundreds of choices in stones, handmade glass, stained glass, rusted iron, metal, polymer clay, shell, wood, horn, bone, etc.

Metal Beads – Sterling, gold-filled, pewter, brass, copper, rhodium and gunmetal

Findings – Hundreds of clasps, ear wires and posts, crimp beads and covers, headpins, eye pins, bails, bead caps, crimp clasps and more.

Metal Rings – Extensive collection of jump rings, closed rings and split rings sold individually and in bulk for chain mail.

Letter Beads – Sterling, pewter, rusted iron, metalized plastic and acrylic

Sheet Metal & Metalsmithing Supplies – Brass, Copper, Sterling, Bronze and aluminum sheet metal, pre-cut metal stampings, metal stamps (letters, numbers and shapes), saws, bezel wire, bezel settings, tin shears, sanding supplies

Soldering Equipment – Solder, soldering tripods, charcoal blocks, butane torches, flux, pickle, metal shot for tumbling

Big Hole Beads – We try to carry as many as we can find! We have them in stones, wood, metal, metallized plastic, horn, bone, lamp work glass, shell and clay.

Steampunk Supplies – Gears, watch guts, key pendants, clock parts, miniature musical instruments, misc. hardware parts, and gothic beads

      Coral Buttons Steampunk Parts Turquoise Rondelles





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