Attaching Clasps to Leather

If you creating a project with a thicker material like leather, satin, silk, ribbon, etc., how do you finish the ends. There are two different ways. First, you can use a crimp end made for thicker materials. There are two different types – the ones to be attached to a clasp, and those that are there own clasp. Some you crimp, some you glue. These work fairly well, but can cost a bit and don’t provide a great deal of variety. The preferred method is to take your end through your clasp (or through a ring attached to the clasp and then fold it down against itself. Use a 3″ piece of wire (20 gage is easiest) and wrap it tightly around both pieces of leather. Cut off the wire ends, file smoothly and tuck them against the leather with a flat plier. This is more secure and lets you use any clasp you like.